School ended for the summer for students, but teachers and school districts will soon need to start gearing up for the next school year. The most important thing your school can do to prepare is to evaluate your entire card system and replace or update parts before you get busy.

ID Card Printers

ID card printers come in a wide range of styles with features for almost every special use – does your old printer still meet the needs of your school? If you need to upgrade during the summer, AlphaCard offers a wide range of printers. Shop from:

ID Card Software

Card software makes it easy to design your badges with all the important information – student or staff photo, school name, the year, and more.

If you’re looking for new card software for the new school year, AlphaCard offers two professional card design software options – AlphaCard ID Suite for PC, and AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac.

Not sure which software edition is best for your school? Download a FREE six week trial of either AlphaCard ID Suite or AlphaCard ID Builder!

Printing Supplies

To finish updating your card program from last school year, summer is the time to stock up on all the printing supplies you’ll need to print hundreds or thousands of IDs come fall.

ID Card Accessories

For security reasons, many schools across the country are now requiring students, staff, and teachers to wear their ID cards at all times. With the right ID card accessories, it’s easy to wear your badge with any uniform.