ID card accessories come in a range of styles from basic lanyards to magnetic attachments and custom printed accessories. Learn about all of your options to find the best fit for your ID card program.


ID lanyards are often the go-to accessory because they are extremely easy to use, come in the widest range of styles and colors, and work with any dress code or uniform.

Choose lanyards if you want something easy to take on and off (great for visitors), or something that will keep your ID cards front and center for security.

Badge Reels

Badge reels clip onto your clothing, so the user’s ID card can be placed most anywhere – clip it to a shirt pocket, a shirt or jacket lapel, onto a pants pocket, or anywhere the users finds comfortable and convenient.

Choose badge reels when your card program will work with a variety of badge reel locations or you cannot have lanyards for safety reasons.

Strap Clips

Strap clips are minimal accessories designed for temporary ID badges like visitor programs. They consist of a plastic strap that goes through the card’s slot punch and then snaps closed to lock the badge it, and then clips onto your clothing like a badge reel.

Choose strap clips when you don’t need custom branded accessories (lanyards and reels can both be customized) or when the ID card is temporary.

Clips, Pins & Magnets

Clips, pins, and magnets come in a range of styles to fit your ID card program’s needs. These ID accessories attach directly to the cards using adhesive backs, so they are permanently attached to your cards.

Choose clips, pins, or magnets when you do not need to reuse the ID accessories.

Badge Holders

Badge holders are not the traditional ID accessory in that they do not clip onto the card and display it, but they are often partnered with other accessories. Badge holders protect your ID cards from wear and tear by physically encasing the cards in the holder. Most holders are slot punched to allow you to clip the holder into a lanyard, reel, or strap clip.

Choose badge holders when you need to protect your cards.

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