If you’re new to the ID card printing game, you might not know just how many uses ID cards have. Today’s ID technology goes well beyond basic identification. That’s why we’ve created a section of the AlphaCard Learning Center dedicated to just that subject. Here are just a few of the ways you can use your cards:

Loyalty Programs

Along with bringing more customers and increasing sales, loyalty cards at grocery stores and other retail outlets can be a valuable method of market research. Loyalty cards can improve your business and grow a dedicated customer database inside.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance cards streamline the process of tracking employees, visitors, and even equipment. A variety of card technologies can be used for time and attendance cards including barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips, and proximity technology.

Access Control

Developments in technology have made card-based access control systems a popular replacement for traditional keyed access systems. 05Access control cards provide a greater measure of security for businesses, schools, government facilities, and more.


Security cards are both cards with additional security features such as watermarks and lamination, as well as cards that are used for secure applications such as identification for security personnel and access control cards.

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