Clearly and prominently displaying ID badges is a central security feature in many businesses – this makes it easy to recognize employees and visitors. But if you are wearing these ID badges all day, every day, you want to make sure they won’t damage the clothing of your employees. So what are your best options for clothing-friendly ID accessories?


ID badge lanyards are so widely used for a reason – they are easy to wear and work with a huge variety of card types. Lanyards are work around the neck, so they don’t clip onto clothing.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are also easy to use, but they do clip onto the clothing. Clip types include belt clips and swivel clips. Belt clips slide into pockets and don’t clip on, but swivel clips will clip directly onto your clothing. For delicate, lightweight fabrics, this could cause pulling, tears, or wrinkles.

Badge Holders

Badge holders come in many styles – although they are often used in conjunction with a lanyard, reel, or strap clip, some holders are stand-alone accessories. Armband holders are worm around the arm and do not directly attach to your clothing like a reel would, to prevent damage to the cardholder’s clothing. If you still wanted to clip on the holder, you can choose a holder with a clothing-friendly clip that’s designed to prevent damage.


Clips, pins, and magnets are easy, cost-effective ways to display ID cards with many options for clothing-friendly ID displays. Strap clips with rubber tips are gentler on delicate fabrics than metal clips, as are plastic clips you stick to the back of a card or holder. And while they weigh more and could cause some pulling on thin materials, magnetic attachments won’t tear or damage clothing.