One key reason organizations use ID accessories with their ID cards and badges is to increase security; by having the cards visible at all times you can more easily identify all visitors and spot unauthorized users.

So which ID accessories are specifically designed to improve security and keep those cards easy to read?

No-Twist Badge Reels

Our first recommendation to keep badges facing forward are no-twist badge reels. What makes them special compared to other badge reels?

The no-twist style of reels are uniquely shaped so that the retractable part of the reel can only fit back into place facing one direction – this keeps your cards facing forward no matter they are pulled out to scan and swipe.

No-twist badge reels come in several styles including standard round and square shapes, and with premium features like carabiner clips.

Lanyards with Bulldog or Plastic Hook Attachments

If you would rather use lanyards instead of badge reels, you have a few more options for keeping your badges facing forward. When selecting the attachment type for your lanyard, pick on of these options:

  • Bulldog clip (keeps your ID level for easier reading)
  • Wide plastic hook (also keeps your ID level)
  • Narrow plastic hook (will allow cards to tilt to the side a bit)

What makes these attachment options better than the more common swivel hooks or split key rings is their version of the no-twist design. It is attached to the lanyard without a rotating pin so while the lanyard may move around as you move, the attachment will stay stable on the lanyard.

These attachment options are found on most lanyards including the standard 5/8″ flat ribbed lanyard, thinner 3/8″ flat lanyard, and premium flat braided lanyard.

Strap Clips & Pins

Although less common than the badge reel and lanyard options, there are also strap clips, pins, and magnets that all keep your ID card facing forward. These attachment styles are mostly used for temporary IDs including visitor passes and conference attendees.