Increasing the security of ID badges can be as simple as improving card design or as powerful as upgrading to a high-security ID printer. For example, the addition of an ID photo is a feature that provides quick and easy visual ID verification. Another easy tool is using a color coding system for visually-enforced access control. Single-sided printers can be utilized to print on both sides of a card, which is an affordable way to upgrade to dual-sided cards.

Depending on your ID printer’s capabilities and the extent of increased security you demand, it may be smart to upgrade to a more robust ID printer. Some Magicard ID printers feature HoloKote technology, which is a holographic overlay that increases security and durability of cards. Watermark technology makes cards harder to replicate while the overlay protects cards from scratches, fading and alterations. An economical alternative is self-adhesive stickers and holographic overlays. Hologram stickers and overlays increase card authenticity and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some even covering the entire face of a card.
ID printers capable of card encoding are the next step up. They produce features that can provide access control, track attendance and offer high-level identification. Barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart card encoding and RFID are technologies that can increase the security of ID badges. Another option is high-security ID card printers, which print high-quality images and text onto a thin film that is then fused to a card. Attempts to alter the film with ruin card’s information, making it a choice when duplication or tampering must be prevented.
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