Rewritable cards are PVC cards with a special finish on one side that can be printed upon and erased up to several hundred times. They are even available with magnetic stripes or embedded electronics for multifunctional card programs.

The great advantage of rewritable cards is that they save resources and money while cutting down on waste. Rewritable cards are an easy way for businesses and organizations to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their offices.
Rewritable cards are ideal for programs that experience high card turnover, such as customer loyalty, visitor management and school identification. However, because the printed information is less secure than that of traditional methods, rewritable cards aren’t well-suited for access control or other applications that require securing sensitive data.
Only select printers, such as the Evolis Tattoo2 Rewritable ID Card Printer and the Datacard SP25 Plus Printer, are capable of rewriting cards. They use a special printhead that affects the thermosensitive material on the face of rewritable cards. Higher temperatures are applied for printing, while cooler temperature allows the card to be erased.