AlphaCard is proudly based out of Portland, Oregon, and has recently started giving back to our community with new volunteer opportunities for our employees, working together to help those in need.

School Supplies for Low Income Students

Our first project during the summer was collecting school supplies and backpacks for children in low income housing who may not be able to afford all of the recommended supplies on their school shopping list.

Popular items we collected included pens, pencils, coloring supplies, notebooks, and folders. We filled up many bags and boxes with supplies thanks to generous donations!

Trash Pickup at the Beach

All beaches in Oregon are public land, and we were happy to spend a day in the sunshine picking up bags of trash in Seaside so¬†all Oregonians can enjoy the ocean views. If you visit the coast, please remember to take all your trash with you so that plastic wrap and food containers don’t get into our environment. A few brave employees also donated blood this summer!

Food for Hungry Oregonians

This holiday season AlphaCard members came together to gather food for the food bank, helping the one in five Oregonians who struggle with food insecurity.

Two extremely heavy boxes were filled with donations and will make the winter a little bit easier for those in need.

Gifts for Foster Children

And finally, this month we have been collecting items for children in foster care who may not otherwise get presents for the holidays or have warm coats for the winter.

Pajamas and building blocks have been some of the most popular items! But we have also collected toys, clothing, books, warm knit hats, and more.

In the coming year AlphaCard is excited to organize more volunteer opportunities for our employees and get more involved in the community.